07.08.14 Animal Eye Protection

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Eye Protection for our 4 Paw Family is not only practical but eye sparing to boot.

Of course you wouldn’t be caught dead without your sunglasses or protective eye wear during strenuous activity or work conditions. So why would you leave your pet family unprotected.

Consider ‘Doggles” for your Canine friend and Catitude specs for the finicky Feline. Eyewear provides protection to the eyes of the 4Paw travelers and adventure seekers. Medical Benefits: Lens rupture due to trauma can cause cataracts. The lens contents leak out through the hole in the capsule and cause both cataract and a severe immune-mediated reactive uveitis; the uveitis does not usually “peak” in severity until 2–3 weeks AFTER the injury occurred. It is not always apparent that the lens capsule has ruptured; often, by the time this is diagnosed it is too late to save the eye and the eye needs to be removed.

Sand and sun can be extremely harmful to your pets eyes as well.

For those challenged dogs and horses that may be blind or in need of eye protection after surgery this website is an excellent option – http://www.provizorinternational.com

They offer many options to work with your animals medical welfare.

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