11.18.15 Hope Veterinary Visit for D’Artagnan

Hope Veterinary Visit went well yesterday.

D’Artagnan was seen by Dr. Kevin Shanley a wonderful Dermatologist.

As always our confident boy showed his socializing skills to perfection – no worries visiting a new doctor. Sprawled out and felt right at home.
Diagnosis: Possible Atopic Dermatitis and Possible Food Allergy

1. Revolution: this has to be done for all the boys at the same time, so will need to get Stache and Blynx in for their annuals so we can get their prescription for the Revolution.

2. Back on Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein Diet ONLY!!! No other treats or flavored food for minimum of 12weeks. So NO Cheating!!!! Includes both Wet and Dry so that is good.

3.Antihistamines: We are starting with Hydroxzine for 10-14 days. If that works to help relieve the itching then we can continue it, it it does not – the we can move to Diphenhydramine (generic caldrons benadryl) 12mg for 10-14 days and if that fails then we can try Chlortrimetron 4mg. Each with a break of 2 days between to clear out system.

We have been on the Hydroxzine for one day now and he is still pulling and itching, but not as bad. So initial use is good. Time will tell.
We have a 6 week follow up!

Now for the Cat show this weekend – Called the CFA to discuss his condition to see if he should still go – Pending their callback. Will keep you posted.