11.10.15 – Holistic Options for Pets

                   Catnoir is a NEW Distributor for Young Living / Essential Oils

Pure Oils for Humans or Pets

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If you are looking for Holistic Options to use along with traditional medicine, here is a great product. Young Living (YL) came to us while D’Artagnan struggles with obsessive fur pulling and itching. Call us for information, ordering and details on how to become your own distributor. Both the following oils address skin issues.

  1. Using drop (Lavender oil) : drop ( olive oil) – that is a 1:10 dilution of Lavender oil into Olive Oil that is directly applied to sparse skin/fur areas with a q-tip twice per day. The remaining is placed between his hind paw pads.

        At the end of the week, he gets a bath.

   2. Using drop:drop dilution – 1:10 of Copaiba directly onto dry food once per day

 Traditional testing ruled out any form of mite, pest or genetic infection. We had changed food to remove all chicken and meal products from the diet. Moved from Royal Canin Hydroprotein food as it has meal in it to feeding ACANA Grasslands a grain free 70% protein dry food using Lamb. Still in the initial phase of using Acana and Halo wet food to see how the boys do.

 Recently found my fave Cat Man marketing some holistic oils of his own. The main, key and interesting difference at first glance is the content of ALCOHOL as a plant preservative. These oils need to breath prior to use. Will be doing testing to see which oils favor most.

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These products will run you about $25.00 per bottle.

Website: http://www.spiritessences.com/?Click=3511

Check out how to use them using: http://jacksongalaxy.com/2012/11/07/how-to-use-essences/