03.07.17 March Madness at the Lewis’s

Been awhile – but have some interesting news about the boys.

Blynx is our DLH Senior cat who is now 14 years old. He suffers from chronic vomiting and diarrhea.

Since showing D’Artagnan in the CFA as a Grand Premier and soon to be a Regional Winner – he has suffered from Talkitis to the Judges which is not going over very well. D’T seems to get more agitated as the day wears on and that is not good for our class as they are shown mostly at the end of the day.

But, we have received information that may help them both. That networking brought us to new products distributed by Dorwest from England. A bit of history: They have been Experts in Herbal Pet Care Since 1948 and provide a wide range of organic solutions to many medical, physical and behavioral issues that are an alternative to drug therapy. Having been an advocate for alternative medicines for a long time, this product falls in line with my beliefs.

I am still a Young Living Rep using the Essential Oils for the boys and myself, but wanted to try another Herbal Pet Care solution that targets them specifically. On a personal note, have been using a YL Essential Oils blend mixed with Castor Oil for both myself and husbands hairline, eyelashes and skin dryness that has resulted in significant improvement in luster and growth.

Purchased and now trying for Blynx Tree Barks Powder for acute diarrhea and intestinal absorption disorders and for D’Artagnans much not appreciated  talking to the Judges in the ring some Skullcap & Valerian Tabs and Valerian Liquid Compound.

Included in the order received  today from England is a 51 page book of instructions, contacts and all the products they offer. Looks great!

You can find out more information on their website – www.dorwest.com

Will be trying out the Tree Barks Powder at the 2pm snack time for Blynx and the Skullcap and Valerian for D’T at the show.

“Rumple” is our new Exotic Shorthair who came to use 2 months ago. He has been experiencing in the last two shows car sickness – will be using the Valerian to see if that helps him too at this weekends show.

Stay tuned for updates to everyones progress.

D’Artagnan – aka “Sir Wilmar D’Artagnan of Montgomery”

Black Exotic Shorthair

Rumple – aka “The Dark One”

Smoke Exotic Shorthair